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48                            LETTERS   FROM   THB

prisoners for twenty-four hours. Eleven peerss
two archbishops and all the Parliament passed the
day and night In the halls, with all the spectators
who chanced to be there. Then M. d'Agoult,
aide-major (senior adjutant) of the guards, came
in and demanded the two members, who were
refused him. Deputations were sent to Versailles,
but denied admittance to the King. At last the
two obnoxious gentlemen got up, and, after pro-
testing against this unheard-of violation of this
most sacred asylum, surrendered themselves to M.
d'Agoult and were hurried away to PH6tel de Police,
from whence one was sent to FIsle de St. Mar-
guerite, the other to Pierre Encise, near Lyons.
A rescue was attempted, but the two members
themselves opposed and prevented it.

gth. The Parliament was summoned to Ver-
sailles and all the inferior chambers of it broken
up. The grcmde chambre was retained to form
part of a cow pleniere, composed of officers of
State, &c.? where the King has passed a number
of edicts whereby he changes the whole order of
the magistracy, amplifies the powers of lower
jurisdictions and, en attendant Us etats genemux,
reserves to this cour pleniere the power of en-
registering all acts. The Parliament unanimously
refused its acquiescence. A prorogation is pro-